Mar Ivanios

Where learning is a passion

The perfect Environment for academic excellence

Intellectual Excitement

A Stimulating mix of teaching and learning styles with an outstanding research record and academic excellence in Science, Arts, Social Sciences and Languages.


Number of Degree programmes with opportunity to select from a wide range of different subjects. Courses

Social Focus

An ideal collegiate system that offers you supportive and secure base for pursuing studies and social interests

Cultural Life

An enriching blend of academic and cultural life with numerous programmes of music drama , dance , and sports along with special interest clubs and societies to provide the intellectual, cultural and social refreshment needed to complement the studies.

IT For All

With Cental Computing Facility, Mar Ivanios supports a Campus-wide network ideally suited for an e-learning environment, which offers opportunity for everyone to develop key computational skills and regular access to the world of IT enabled e-learning resources


The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) , of the University Grants Commission is the leading organisation of India that ensures quality and excellence in higher education, and accredits higher education institutions of the country.

Mar Ivanios College was one of the first few institutions of the country and Kerala State to be accredited by NAAC in 1999. The NAAC report(1999) has highlighted Mar Ivanios as \\\".. one of the best run Institutions of the Country \\\".

In 2004, the University Grants Commission , New Delhi has identified Mar Ivanios College as one of the few selected colleges of India as COLLEGE WITH POTENTIAL FOR EXCELLENCE.

The Mar Ivanios College has submitted its Reaccreditation Report in November 2004 and is all set for Re-accreditation by NAAC in January 2005.

RANK HOLDERS 2015-2016
Adithi C. Nair BA Economics I Position [A+]
Lekshmi BA English I Position
Heba Varghese BA English II Position
Arsha BA English III Position
Akshara A.K. JMC&VP I Position
Parvathy R. S. Nair JMC&VP II Position
Keerthana Mannayam JMC&VP III Position
Ashima Gopan BSc Mathematics III Position
Anjali Anand BSc Chemistry I Position
Gauri Binayak BSc Botany & Biotechnology III Position
RANK HOLDERS 2015-2016

[First PG Batch under Autonomy]

III Position

Parvathy M.S MA English I Position
Gowri S MA English II Position
Sreeja Thankaraj V MA English III Position
Akhila Baby M MA Malayalam with Media Studies I Position
Teena Jose MA Malayalam with Media Studies II Position
Syam Raj S MA Malayalam with Media Studies  
Binitha S.D MSc Chemistry I Position
Anuja V. S MSc Chemistry II Position
Amritha R. S MSc Chemistry III Position
Divya N MSc Chemistry I Position
Parvathy Ramkumar MSc Mathematics II Position
Anjana S. Venu MSc Mathematics III Position
Sree Lekshmi C. A. MSc Physics I Position
Anagha S. V. MSc Physics II Position
Ashly Mathew MSc Physics III Position
Feba Ben Thomas MSc Zoology I Position
Sonia John MSc Zoology II Position
Dinu N MSc Zoology III Position
Anjana Devi S MCom I Position
Arya A. T. MCom II Position
Reshma Roy MCom III Position
Amith Sidharth MTTM I Position
Vishnu V. S. MTTM II Position
Chinnu Mary Joseph MTTM III Position