Extension Activities

Co-Curricular Activities

The College provides several opportunities for the students of this College to discover and develop their creative and artistic talents along with their academic pursuits. Various activities are organized with this aim in view, under the guidance of competent teachers in each field. Talented students are given all possible opportunities to compete in the various inter-collegiate and inter-varsity competitions. The following are some of the important activities:

House Activities:

The House Activities of the College provide a healthy competitive spirit among the students as a whole. The student community and teaching faculty of the College are grouped into 4 different Houses as follows: White House, Red House, Blue House, and Green House. All the teachers of the Department of Oriental Languages will be on the panel of judges along with some teachers of the other Departments nominated by the Principal from time to time. Each House will organize, under the leadership of teachers and the student leaders, it is own Literary, Sports, and Arts Clubs to develop those abilities among its members which will be put to test at an annual inter-House competition during Campus Week.

The National Service Scheme (N.S.S):

Students can enroll as members of the College Unit of this National organization. Established to create strong social awareness in students, it imparts personality development to its members through study and work camps, social service activities, and other useful and productive works. Active members are awarded a grace mark for admission to higher classes.

Program Officers of the College N.S.S. Unit:

Dr. Ratheesh R.

Ms. Soumya M. Raj.

The National Cadet Corps (NCC):

The NCC, all over the country aims at instilling in students a spirit of discipline and a willingness to serve the motherland. Students can get themselves admitted to the NCC at the beginning of each academic year. The cadets are given regular training in the College. Examinations are held and merit certificates are awarded. Winners are eligible for grace marks according to their grades when they apply for admission to higher classes. Uniforms and refreshments are supplied free. The following teachers serve as officers of the various NCC units in this College.

NCC [Air Force]- Dr. Anto Paul

NCC [Army]- Lt. Dr. Regina Sibi Cleetus

NCC [Navy]  Lt. Dr. Tom Thomas


The College Union: Every year the students elect under the Parliamentary system a College Union Chairman, Vice-Chairman, General Secretary, Arts Club Secretary, Chief Student Editor, Lady Representatives, and Class Representatives. Various co-curricular activities of the College are organized and conducted by the College Union under the guidance of the concerned teachers who will be the Staff Advisors to the College Union and the Chief coordinators of the House Activities. Subject Associations: Student representatives elected as Subject Association Secretaries will organize lectures, seminars, debates, etc, related to their Main Subject of study under the guidance of the teachers of their respective Departments. Competitions will be held and proficiency prizes awarded on College Day.


The PTA of the College is strong and active in providing all possible Support for the academic and physical development of the College. Guardians take a keen interest in the functioning and funding of the Association. The PTA Executive meets very often to plan and execute developmental programs. Some of the important activities of the PTA are: providing financial support for the conduct of the termly examinations, improvement of laboratory and library facilities, developing physical amenities on the campus, supporting the security system, etc.

The Principal, Prof. Dr. Jijimon K. Thomas, is the President and Treasurer of the PTA. 

The following members of the PTA Executive Committee for the year 2022-2023:
1. Dr. Gladston Raj S. (Vice President)
2. Mr. Kaimanam Prabhakaran (Parent Representative)
3. Mr. D. Sreesagar  (Parent Representative)
4. Ms. Beena P. Vasu  (Parent Representative)
5. Mr. Jacob Klavara Levi  (Parent Representative)
6. Dr. Sony George (Secretary)
7. Dr. Suju C Joseph (Teacher Representative)
8. Mr. Toji Varghese T.  (Teacher Representative)
9. Dr. Arun Lawrence  (Teacher Representative)

Teacher-Secretary, coordinates the activities of the PTA for the academic year. The Bursar of the College will be the Ex-officio member of the PTA Executive Committee and will also be the Finance Committee Convener. Merit Awards Instituted by the PTA. The PTA gives away 52 merit awards to students every year as an incentive to achieve academic excellence. The awards are given subject to the following conditions.

1. One award to every class/batch/subject.

2. The awardee should have secured the highest marks in the concerned class/batch/ subject in the term examinations held by the College during the academic year.

3. He/She should have appeared and passed in all concerning papers of the examinations.

4. He/She should have at least 80% attendance during the academic year.

5. The class teacher should testify to the good conduct of the awardee.

6. The award must be received in person, preferably in the presence of his/her guardians, at the award presentation function.

Mar Ivanios College Retired Teachers' Association (MICRTA) The association was founded in 1990 to promote the interests of the retired teachers of the college. The chief patron of the association is His Beatitude Moran Mor Baselios Cardinal Cleemis Catholicos and the patron, His Excellency Most. Rev. Dr. Samuel Mar Irenios. An executive committee consisting of an elected president, secretary, treasurer, and representative from every department carries out its routine activities. The tenure of the office bearers is two years. Members ordinarily meet twice a year at the college to celebrate Onam and New Year.

The association organizes seminars on education with particular reference to higher education. Members take a keen interest in the developmental activities of the college and participate in important functions held at the college. Representatives of the association frequently visit the houses of teachers who are sick and bedridden. When a member or a member of his/her family makes a memorable contribution in any field he/she is felicitated at the get-together. Departed teachers are remembered at the meetings. Frequent picnics are conducted for the well-being of the members and their files. The association intends to publish profiles of all the retired teachers of the college since its foundation in 1949. Present office bearers: Prof. G. Kochu Koshy (President). Prof. Susan Varghese (Vice President) Dr. Mathews Cheriyan (Secretary), Prof. Sunny Mathew (Treasurer).



The Association aims at establishing and maintaining close contact and friendship with all those who leave this College after their studies. Old students are enrolled as members and are informed of the various activities, progress, and achievements of the College. They are invited to an annual get-together at the College. The executive committee elected annually is responsible for the functioning of the Association. The AMICOS has been actively involved in the developmental activities of de College. The ornamental front gate of the College is a contribution of the AMICOS. It has made a liberal contribution to the building of the college stadium.

President - Sri. K. Jayakumar I.A.S., (Former Chief Secretary & Ex. Vice-Chancellor, Malayalam University, Malappuram).

Vice Presidents, Sri. Jagadeesh Kumar (Cine Artiste), Sri. E. M. Najeeb (Ex, Director KIMS),

Gen. Secretary: Dr. K. T. Cherian Panicker, and Secretary: Dr. Suju C. Joseph

Awards to Rank Holders:

The AMICOS has instituted awards of Gold Medals for First Rank winners and other prizes to winners of ranks up to 5 ranks) of this College in the University Examinations of the preceding year. Archbishop Benedict Mar Gregorios Award. The Archbishop Benedict Mar Gregorios Award, instituted by the AMICOS in 1997, is given away to an eminent person for his contributions the society in various fields. The award winner is selected by a committee of experts. Every year the award is given away on 10 October, the commemoration day of the late Archbishop.



Extension Activities/Clubs

In order to promote social commitment among students, to equip them with leadership and personality skills, and to develop their manifold potentials, various extension and club activities are engaged by our students. The following clubs are functioning in the college during the year 2014-15.


Thira, the film club of Ivanios provides a platform for film making: the various aspects of appreciating films as well as an introduction to its techniques, like direction, cinematography,screen-play writing, editing and so on.

Our highlights are..

Screen for applause - We'll treat you to the best from Indian and international directors.

Uncut - If you've got a fresh and original story on film all you have to do is contact us with a short note on your film and we\\\'ll take it from there, making the film. Meet the maker - talk with film experts, actors, directors, script writers . Coffee house - reviews and discussions with your peers. We give the students opportunity to watch the classics and discuss it threadbare in a post-screening session. If you think the medium of cinema needs to be explained to you, let\\\'s take it straight from the experts, and get introduced to the best of the works through lectures, demos, workshops,seminars and more. In short, the Club is all about cinema. The activities of THIRA for the year 2014-15 was inaugurated by the renowned cine director Shri Shyamaprasad on August 22 (Friday) 12.00 pm in the Jubilee Hall. The staff coordinator Dr. Reny Skaria gave the motivational talk. Mr. Louis Mathew, film critic, also spoke on the occasion. Please visit the facebook page for Thira: https://www.facebook.com/pages/THIRA/820391894640765


"All the world\\\'s a stage And all men and women merely players"William Shakespeare

Drama, being a composite art form, bringstogether literature, music, acting, costume designing, management and muchmore. The club aims to hone these skills of the students and instil in them aspirit of team work and friendship through theatre. It hopes to produce playsenriching the cultural ambience of the campus.

Membersof the Committee

1. Ms. Meenu Jose (Convenor)

2. Dr. Reny Skaria

3. Dr. Preethamol. M. K


Talent development in allaspects like acting, music, designing, creative writing and so on.

Skill development ,Communication Skills, Personality development, Working together as a team

Familiarising students withdifferent theatrical forms

To achieve these objectives, the followingaction plan was agreed upon


Membership drive

Organising Workshops

Street plays

Play readings

Script writing competitions

A full-fledgedproduction

Act One- the inauguration of the Theatre Club of the college for the year 2014-15 was done by the Theatre artist Ms. Parvathy at 0230 pm on August 20 (Friday). The staff coordinator Ms. Meenu Jose introduced the activities of the club.


The Tourism club of the college was inaugurated by Mr. Suresh, Secretary DTPC, on August 22 (Friday) at 01.30 pm in the Botany Seminar Hall. Dr. Neeta Sharma, the staff coordinator gave the introductory talk.

Adoption of Village: "Punnaramthopu"

The NSS unit of the College took up the Extension Programmes of the College and executed the various activities at Punnaranuthope, a village which is situated 1 km away from the College. The activities taken up over the years include:

Literacy Programmes for the Inhabitants

Health Awareness Programmes-Hygiene and Sanitation

Cleaning and Renovation of Roads

Renovation of Houses.

Building of Houses


The N.S. S. unit of Mar Ivanios College engaged in a variety of programmes during the academic year 2003-2004. The programmes were guided by the programme officers Dr. Hubert Joe and Dr. K. I. Georgee. About 300 volunteers enrolled themselves into N.S.S. during this academic year. For the academic year 2003-2004, Aneesh S. H. (II DC Chemistry), Anwar Khan (II DC Economics), Varla V. K (II DC Physics), Sree Vidhya P.I. (II DC Literature) were elected as Volunteer Secretaries. Abhilash Mohan M. P and Aneesh Chandran C.I . were elected as Blood Secretaries. We have an N.S.S Choir and an N.S.S. Debate committee.

1. Mental Hospital Rehabilitation Project:

2. Seminar on Dengue Fever

3. Awareness Programme on Dengue fever and Distribution of preventive medicine against dengue fever in "Punnarathoppu", the adopted village of NSS Unit, Mar Ivanios College.

4. Year of Reading Inaugural Ceremony

5. NSS Enrollment Week

6. Voluntary Blood Donation

7. Blood Grouping Programme and Seminar on Blood Donation

8. Literacy Campaign in Adopted Village

9. Quiz Competition, Essay writing, Elocution

10. NSS Day, Voluntary Blood Donation Day

11. Gandhi Jayanthi

12. Cultural Study Tour

13. Volunteer Leadership Training Camp, Adoor

14. Legal Literacy Camp

15. Pre RD Camp Mysore

16. Debate on "To Limit the press is insulting a Nation"

17. Aids Awareness Programme

18. NSS Ten Day Special Camp

19. Blood Donation Forum

20. Road Safety Awareness Camp for N.S.S. Volunteers


The Mar Ivanios College Unit of the NCC-Army Wing commanded by Capt. V. Varghese is an NCC company under the 3 Kerala Battalion NCC. It has a strength of 80 senior division cadets including 15 girls Cadets. The activities include drill, map reading, weapon training, range firing practice, field craft, obstacle race, and lecture classes on various topics etc. About 30 cadets attended the annual training camp held at Pangode, Trivandrum. Cadet S. Jose and Cadet T. Issac attended the national integration camp held at Meghalaya in November 2003. Our students attended the following camps also. National integration camp at Thanjavoor, Tamil Nadu, Army attachment camp at Belgaum and Trekking camp at Ranchi, Bihar.

Trekking Expedition- 1

Blood Donation Programme


One cadet M. Christopher was selected for the best cadet scholarship from the Trivandrum Group NCC. Cadet Indrajit. S got admission to the Kerala MBBS course under the NCC quota. Cadet Ratheesh Abraham got admission in the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun. Ten cadets of our college passed the B. Certificate examination and 9 cadets passed the C Certificate Examination this year.


There is only one Air Sqn. NCC in Kerala its Head Quarters is at Thiruvananthapuram. The Unit is established for 134 boys and 66 girls in the senior division and they are enrolled from various Colleges in Thiruvananthapuram Dirstrict. The selected cadets have to undergo three years of NCC training at Mar Ivanios College. After the completion of two years of training they have to sit for B certificate examination and completion of three years of training 'C' certificate examination. Certificates are issued to the cadets those who successfully complete the training and pass the examination.

Every year 40 parades will be conducted. Two annual training camps were conducted, one at Pangode and the other at. G. V. Raja Sports School, Sangumugham. Two more camps are planned to be conducted on December 2004 and May 2005. In each camp about 600 cadets from different parts of Kerala participated. The main camp for Air Sqn NCC is All India Vayu Sainik Camp. This is a national level camp. This year the camp was held at Bangalore. The duration of the camp was 12 days. 22 boys and 6 girls took part. Cadet ADARSH S. B. and Cadet Praveen .V. stood All India First in Aeromodelling static Competition during 2004 All India Vayu Sainik held at Bangalore from 4 October 2004. 15 October 2004. Both of them got gold Medals. 1 Kerala our Sqn NCC got a trophy for this. Our position is 4th among the 16 Air NCC directorates of India.

Republic Day Camp 2004, January cadet Santhosh V and Cadet Berin D Samuel of Air wing NCC got Silver medal in aero-modelling flying models. The stood all India record at RDC competitions.


NCC Naval Wing of Mar Ivanios College has an enrolled strength of sixty five cadets including 15 girls cadets. These cadets are enrolled from the college and our sister institution St. John\\\'s Model H.S.S. Plus two students are enrolled in our college NCC when the Pre-degree was de-linked from the college.

Every year we conduct 20 parades of 4 hr duration. During this period we do parade training and conduct lecturer Classes. Naval personnel conduct parade training and lecture classes by the ANO. Lecture classes are conducted in Naval subjects, NCC Organ: Leadership, Social Service, hygine etc. Cadets are provided with refreshment after the classes. In addition to the above twenty parades cadets are imparted with training in various waterborn activities like boat pulling, Sailing, Wind Surfing, Kayaking etc. All Cadets are given chance for swimming pratice. We conduct Inter Collegiate, inter group competitions in the above items. On many occasions our cadets brought laurels to our college.

Camps : Annual Training Camp

Every year No. 1(k) Naval Unit (Our Mother Unit) conduct an annual Training Camp. Cadets are given training in the camps and selection for various competitions are held.

Nav Sainik Camp

Nav Sainik Camp is a National camp conducted every year to select the best naval cadets and Directorate. Out of 30 cadets who compete from Kerala we could send 3 or 4 cadets every year. They come back with credit to our college and state.

Republic Day Camp (New Delhi)

Our Cadets have attended Republic day camp at New Delhi on various years and participated in the R. D. Parades. Selections for Inter National Youth Exchange programmes are done in the Camps. Our cadets got various medals in these Camps.In addition to these camps our cadets attend Trekking Camp, Sea Attachment Camp, Ship attachment Camps, National Integration Camp, Scuba Diving Camp etc.

Adventure Programmes

Every year No 1(k) Naval Unit NCC conduct a sailing expedition from Kollam to Thannirmukkom Bund. Cadets sail through the famous back waters of Kerala covering Ashtamudi Lake, Kayamkulam Lake, Vembanattu Lake etc. Our College sailing and pulling team actively participates in this programme. Every year Mar Ivanios College Naval NCC conduct trekking programme from Kallar to Pondumi. The cadets walk through the forest which is a thrilling experience for all who participate.


As a part of Social service activities every year our eligible cadets visit Sree Chitra Medical Centre, Trivandrum and donate blood. More over in emergency situation our cadets donate blood individually to needy person as per the direction of the ANO. Our cadets also under take the activities like campus cleaning, construction of roads, tree plantation etc.



12 cadets have attended Republic Parade at New Delhi during the last 5 years. Four cadets visited foreign counties like Singapore, Pakistan, Sri Lanka under the Youth Exchange programmes. Five of our ex-cadets got employment in the services as others. Many of our cadets joined in the Armed Force in the lower ranker. The Trivandrum NCC group has won the first place for the first time in the history of the group in the inter group Nav Sainik Competition during the last 12 years, and major portion of cadets belong to our College.


The Women's Studies Unit of the College with its avowed objective of Women's Empowerment organizes various activities on the Campus such as Guest Lectures, Seminars, Workshops, Training Programmes, Awareness Programmes. Presently, a group of lady students who are financially backward are given free training in computer Applications

Action Plan

It is proposed to introduce a short term course in Fashion Designing

Secretarial Course to be introduced.

Training in Candle Making, Embroidery

Training in Reiki

Legal Literacy Programme

Health Awareness Programme.


All departments have department associations which are formed as a forum for students of a particular department for their academic as well as extracurricular talent enhancemen